Buyer’s Agent or Not?

Buying a house may seems easy to a buyer. Call a listing, make an appointment and view the house and buy one .

Are there more to that ? and why does some buyer use a housing agent while other choose not to?

As a buyer, with advanced in technology, you can easily make an appointment and view the house on your own, that is provided that the houses are listed.

Some of you may ask why was that house sold before even I had a chance to view it?

Do you know that there are some houses are transacted without even being listed? And how do they do that? The agents listing the houses first work with the buyer’s agents who have a ready pool of buyers looking for a house in the area. By registering your interest with a buyer’s agent, you are immediately informed on the new listings in the area before others.

A buyer’s agent look after your interest.He is a tough negotiator, not swayed by emotions to the house, not influenced by the seller agents and based on facts and figures to make recommendations to you.

But why aren’t there many good buyer’s agent around?  Do you agree it is challenging and takes great effort to find the right houses? Do you agree that the buyer’s agent should be paid for the work and services they do?

If your answer is yes, you should engage a buyer’s agent and work with him to find you a right house. But many will not do so, as they feel the pinched to pay a small commission fee to the buyer’s agent for a professional services.

In your job, will you work for free?

Many investors and business owners are willing to work with a buyer’s agent to help them find a houses or a business spaces as they understand that good deal come with a price.