About My Life

I come from a humble family background and have a sister and a brother (who is currently working in Australia). My dad came to Singapore to find work when he was at the age of 13 and met my mum. They worked hard, saved hard and finally run a hair saloon to put the 3 of us through the university education. Growing up years was fun and I enjoyed my schooling where I met a lot of friends.

After National Services and University Education, my first job was in a small medium enterprises in the electronics contract manufacturing industries. Being new to the working environment, It was a tough and an enjoyable working experience. I had learned a lot and make new friends and move to a bigger company after 3 years. Staying on for another 2 years and in 2010, I had make one of the biggest decisions of my life- to be a housing agent.

Changing from a salaried pay to a commission based pay job is not an easy feat. Getting support and understanding from your family is one and I am glad that my wife and parents support my decision, although they could have probably wished not to.

Everything started from zero and it was challenging. I work longer hours and less family time, which until now, I still regret that I had not spent more time with my wife and my parents. For the 1st few years, it was all about viewings and appointments. I had sacrificed memories that I could have built with my wife when she went to China for holiday.  I wish I had better managed this.

And one day ( I also cant remember when), I decided that I should manage my time better in my work as a housing agent and as a husband and son to my wife and parents. I started to be more focused in what I can do and started to have holiday trips with them. Although I had foregone some of the monetary rewards, I enjoyed the quality time with my family.

I also decide to only work with clients who are honorable and value my honesty , integrity and trustworthy as in return, I will give them the best possible advises and recommendations because I care for them.

These are the values in me which I also want to pass to my baby, Hailey, who came into our life in 2015.

Thank you for reading this